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The first point of contact for support regarding the GGSPS and our data products is ggsps@stfc.ac.uk

Primary points of contact for the GERB project (for information on scientific use of the GERB data or information regarding the GERB instrument):

GERB project at Imperial College
GERB project at RMIB

The principal scientists involved at Imperial and RMIB are:

Steven Dewitte Principal scientist for the GERB project at RMIB
Dr. Jacqui E Russell GERB Project Scientist, Imperial College
Prof. John E Harries GERB Principal Investigator, Imperial College

The GGSPS software team based at RAL currently consists of:

Andy Smith Software Project Manager, responsible for development of the data archiving and infrastructure software.
Martin Bates Algorithm and Software Developer, responsible for science processing.
Brian Coan Systems Manager, database manager and software developer

Last updated 30th Mar 2012