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Welcome to the GGSPS web pages. GGSPS is the GERB Ground Segment Processing System, developed and operated by RAL Space, based at STFC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK. GERB is the Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget instrument on board the Meteosat Second Generation series of satellites.

The purpose of the GGSPS is to process raw GERB data and to generate and maintain an archive of approved science products for the GERB science and authorized user community.

Authorized Users may use these web pages to query an on-line catalogue of available products and download released products. Please use the Registration button to view data access conditions.

The first GERB instrument launched, GERB-2, began data transmission on 12th December 2002. GERB-1 was launched on MSG-2 on 21st Dec 2005 and is currently operational.

GERB-1 SW image
GERB-1 TOTAL image
SW and TOTAL Images from GERB-1 commissioning, 1st Feb 2006.

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Ops Team information

Ops Team information page (GOT only)

Instrument status

Updated automatically, shows current instrument parameters from the latest available Level 0 data.

GERB-2 instrument status.

GERB-1 instrument status.

GERB-3 instrument status.

Last updated 15th May 2012

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